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  • An example list of features is as follows. General weakness, decreased efficiency, inability to adequately perform current duties at home and in everyday life in general.

    • Violation of normal gas exchange. First, in a state of intense or moderate physical activity, then at complete rest.

    • This affects the quality of life and productivity in various areas. Swelling of the lower extremities. As a result of a violation of the functional (filtering) activity of the kidneys.

  • The volume of circulating blood increases, the fluid is poorly evacuated from the body. The intensity of the symptom depends on the stage of the pathological process.

    • Subjectively, it makes itself felt as an acceleration of the heart rate, skipping beats, fluttering in the chest with a feeling that cardiac activity will now stop. Paleness of the skin. Cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle. It always develops, does not characterize the degree of pathological activity.

  • At the first or second stage, there are no generalized disorders, therefore there are no symptoms at all or they are scarce (the moderate phase gives a chance to recognize the condition).

    • The patient becomes a hostage of the situation. Even at stage 2, exercise can cause death due to cardiac arrest. Signs of dilatation are not specific enough. characterized by manifestations on the part of the muscular organ itself, the nervous system and the excretory tract.

      • Examination of patients is carried out under the supervision of a cardiologist, as needed, a group of other specialists. Indicative list of activities.

    • Oral questioning of the patient and collection of anamnestic data. It is necessary to establish a set of factors that would play a role. Measurement of blood pressure (possible increase, decrease), heart rate (typical tachycardia, running in parallel with various kinds of arrhythmias). Daily monitoring. Registration of the level of blood pressure for 24 hours.

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    • Used for early diagnosis. Electrocardiography. plays the same role. Shows the degree of deviations from the cardiac structures. Echocardiography. Basic technique. It makes it possible to identify organic defects at the first glance, determine their degree, and predict complications. MRI if there is a suspicion of a tumor process in the heart area.

      • Stress tests are not carried out due to the likely stoppage of the muscle organ and sudden death. Conservative methods are used at an early stage, a combination of surgical intervention and medication in the advanced phase of the pathological process. These drugs are prescribed.

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    • Like Amiodarone, it is the safest. They are used to restore an adequate, correct heart rate. Antihypertensives if high blood pressure occurs. Suitable Enap, Diltiazem, Perindopril. The combinations are different. Diuretics to normalize the evacuation of fluid from the body. cardiac glycosides. Stabilize myocardial contractility. Antithrombotics of various nature. Surgery is aimed at stopping the underlying cause or installing a pacemaker in case of severe arrhythmia.

    • It is possible to excise pathologically altered tissues against the background of a tumor lesion. Specific methods are determined by a specialist, based on the underlying disease. The last resort, if the heart is significantly changed, is transplantation. However, this is not an easy undertaking.

In addition to the fact that finding an organ is almost unbelievable in the conditions of Russian reality, the operation requires the highest qualification, which only a few have.

  • In the process of treatment, also during the recovery period, which lasts a lifetime, you need to minimize the amount of salt in the diet (6-7 grams), stop smoking, alcohol, normalize physical activity (maximum - walking in good weather).